Healing & Reducing Scar Formation Naturally.

Natural Treatment of Scars. Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin after injury. The human body isn't vain, it has a keen interest in survival. The main aim is to close the wound as quickly as possible and prevent bacterial infection - so instead of the usual organised lattice of collagen in normal skin, the body haphazardly lays down collagen to seal the wound as quickly as possible. There are various elements that will affect how a scar heals: size and depth of the original wound, age and nutritional status of the patient, level of inflammation and how quickly the wound heals. Obviously, the bigger the wound the bigger the scar. The type of injury will also affect the resulting scar. A surgical incision with neat borders will heal better and have a better scar outcome than skin that has been torn open and has uneven edges. Skin cells turn over quite quickly (10 - 30 days), but they do need the right nutrients to do so.

Good nutrition ensures the body has everything it needs to heal naturally and reduce scar formation. Avoiding substances that rob your body of nutrients: smoking, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, sugar and stress, is also a necessary consideration in healing scars naturally.

Age affects cell turn over rate and healing capability, the older we are the slower we heal and the greater potential for scar formation, so a diet of nutritious whole foods and plenty of water is essential. The most important nutrients for wound healing are protein (amino acids: arginine, glutamine and glucosamine), zinc, vitamins A, C and E. Think a rainbow of vegetables, whole grains, berries, nuts, seeds and good quality organic protein.

Applying a scar oil topically to reduce inflammation, prevent infection and speed up cell regeneration will help a wound heal with the least scarring.

ILOVESKIN Scar Oil is a natural treatment for scars. It is a concentrated formula, every ingredient works to speed up wound healing and reduce the appearance of scars. Nutrient rich Rosehip Oil, well known for treating scars naturally, is our base oil. ILOVESKIN Scar Oil is packed full of botanicals that are nutritive, encourage cell

regeneration, promote healing, reduce inflammation and reduce scar formation. It is a powerful, natural treatment to speed up healing and reduce scar formation. The best approach to healing a scar naturally is to make sure your body is fueled with nutritious food, you're hydrated, avoid foods and substances that rob your body of nutrients and use ILOVESKIN natural Scar Oil to speed up the healing and reduce scar formation.


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