You Are What You Eat

The average age of all the cells in your body is around 10 years.

Your body is constantly renewing itself, some parts are with you for life, some for years and others only days. Your body is constantly making new cells, little pieces of you. Intestinal cells are turned over every five days Skin cells every two to three weeks Red blood cells every four months Liver cells ever 12 - 18 months Pancreas one to two years Bones 15 - 20 years

The ingredients to make these new cells comes from the food you eat.

Your body is re-making bits of you every minute of every day. So, do you want to use high quality ingredients (construction materials) to build your body or would you prefer to build yourself out of junk? To make the best possible version of you, you need to eat a wide variety of fresh whole foods (preferably organic). The better the quality of food, the better the quality of your body. If you want to be vibrant and full of energy, have smooth glowing skin, shiny hair, strong muscles and bones, a healthy immune system - you have to provide the right nutrients.

There’s also the issue of ‘anti-nutrients’ things that take more than they give: coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, processed food, trans-fats, poor quality meat - essentially junk. These so called 'foods' rob your body of nutrients and antioxidants. It’s like building a beautiful garden and then emptying a rubbish truck right in the middle, a clean up is needed. Don’t add the rubbish. You only have one body to live in. Every choice you make is important.

You really are, and can only ever be, what you eat.

Eat well, be well.

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