Why Face Oils?

They’re amazing concentrated droplets of goodness.

Not all oils are created equal and when I talk about face oils, I’m talking about high quality fruit and vegetable oils that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants - not grocery store rubbish that may have mineral oil or cheap, rancid oils. Good quality face oils like ILOVESKIN Face Oil and Face Oil + are amazing for the skin. They offer a concentrated dose of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, they absorb easily and fast track other active ingredients into the skin, feeding the skin what it needs to restore itself to health = glow. The outermost layers of your skin are essentially lipids, which form a barrier to keep moisture in and germs out - your body’s defence shield. Oils are lipotrophic (fat loving) so can penetrate the skin's defensive barrier easily - taking all those wonderful active ingredients with it, getting deep into the skin and nourishing it, replenishing the natural oils and improving the natural barrier protection. Good quality face oils are exceptionally gentle, kind and effective, they won’t make you break out and they restore true moisture, elasticity and plumpness to the skin. If you look at the ingredients in most moisturising creams, no matter how expensive or natural they are, the first ingredient is almost always water, followed by the oils and then emulsifiers, pH regulators and preservatives. The oil that is doing the actual moisturising is only 40% at most, and you have all the other ingredients going into your skin as well. Some people find face oils too oily - I think it’s a matter of quantity, you really only need a few drops spread onto clean damp skin. So in essence, face oils are pure, concentrated, absorb easily taking active ingredients with them, boost and repair your skin’s natural barrier function - keeping moisture in and pollutants out, supply a good dose of essential fats, nutrients and antioxidants, are gentle, kind and effective. ILOVESKIN Face Oil (scent free) and Face Oil+ are a delicious blend of seven nutritious fruit oils, CO2 extracts and collagen boosting algae. The Face Oil+ has the added benefit of antioxidant, cell rejuvenating essential oils and it smells amazing. The oils are super light, glide on and absorb easily, leaving your skin rejuvenated and velvety soft. What’s not to love.

ILOVESKIN Face Oil (scent free) and Face Oil + are made from the amazing fruit oils and CO2 extracts from the fruits below - no emulsifiers or pH regulators and preserved only with CO2 Rosemary antioxidant and Vitamin E. Pure goodness for your skin.

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