Amazing CO2 Extracts

Amazing CO2 Extracts What are they? Supercritical carbon dioxide extracts are extremely pure plant extracts, produced from a relatively new and highly efficient extraction process. CO2 extraction produces a superior herbal extract without the use of heat or harmful chemical solvents. The atmospheric gas CO2 (carbon dioxide) becomes a liquid under pressure. Liquid CO2 is a safe and inert solvent that can dissolve and extract natural components found in plant material. The Process Pressurised CO2 is pumped into a chamber filled with plant matter, under pressure the liquid CO2 acts as a solvent, pulling the oils, resins, pigment and other substances from the plant. When the CO2 is brought back to normal pressurisation and returns to a gaseous form, what remains is the CO2 extract. CO2 extracts typically contain more of the plant’s constituents and more closely resembles the plant’s original chemical makeup. CO2 extracts are potent and only a small percentage is needed for a therapeutic effect. ILOVESKIN use CO2 extracts of Calendula, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot and Rosemary in Scar Oil - the intense potency of the CO2 extracts add an extra boost to the other wonderful, healing and regenerating ingredients.

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